The Akilah Institute offers a unique model of education that prepares students to launch successful careers in the fastest growing sectors of the economy. All students receive intensive leadership training, career development services, and community service opportunities.

Leadership training is a key part of the Akilah experience. All students must complete 512 hours of leadership instruction. Students develop a growth mindset and critical thinking skills, while mastering public speaking, goal setting, and teamwork.


Akilah students and alumnae share a commitment to community service. Students make meaningful contributions to their families, communities, and countries. Each student must complete over 80 hours of community service and a Social Change Project to graduate.


Akilah’s Career Development Office helps students identify their career goals and promising job opportunities. The office works closely with the private sector and other organizations to place students in internships and jobs in Rwanda, East Africa, the U.S., and Europe.


Akilah’s blended learning curriculum combines in-class lessons and lectures with online exercises. This gives students the flexibility to control the pace of their learning. Online learning also frees up valuable classroom time for group discussions and projects.

student impact

Akilah is unique among higher learning institutions in East Africa for its emphasis on developing professionals who will excel beyond the classroom.
Akilah Women: Change Makers

Akilah’s two-year accredited diploma program is tailored towards career-driven women, offering courses in Business Management & Entrepreneurship, Hospitality Management, and Information Systems. Since 2010, these programs have equipped hundreds of women with the academic, professional, and leadership skills necessary to launch and advance their careers with companies like Marriott International, RadissonBlu, Impact Hub, One Acre Fund, MTN, Inkomoko, and more.

  • graduate employment rate

    88% of alumnae are employed within six months of graduating

  • graduates get promoted

    58% of graduates have received at least one promotion in their position and/or salary increase since graduation

  • graduates become workplace leaders

    36% are supervising at least one other employee

  • graduates give back

    90% of graduates are supporting at least one individual or family member financially


academic diplomas

Our three majors were developed specifically in response to current employer demands in East Africa
Information Systems
Akilah’s two-year Diploma in Information Systems provides students with the expertise to become tech leaders and innovators in global business. Students learn essential analytical and design skills and master the use of software systems.
Akilah’s two-year Diploma in Entrepreneurship provides an in-depth understanding of business management and the key technical skills needed to succeed in business.
Hospitality Management
The tourism and hospitality industry is Rwanda’s highest foreign exchange earner and Akilah’s two-year Diploma teaches students the fundamentals of customer service, hotel management, and human resources.


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