Update regarding 2016 admissions

We have postponed our admissions process to next year, September 2017. Please visit our website in the future to learn about how to apply to Akilah for the 2017-2018 Academic Year. For those candidates who applied for the September 2016 academic year, we will contact you in early 2017 when we reopen admissions.
Thank you!

Diploma Programs 

Criteria for Acceptance 

At Akilah, we are focused on enrolling students who are passionate and motivated to build exciting careers and become future leaders. The Admissions Process is structured in a way that allows the applicant to express her skills, dreams, inspirations, and ideas. Through the admissions process we assess:

Personal Motivation

Throughout our assessments, we will also examine applicant’s demonstrated personal motivations. We believe that strong personal motivation is the driving force to success.

English Fluency

Through a series of oral and written assessments, applicant’s listening, reading, writing, and grammatical skills are tested.


Passion for studying and discovering a particular Akilah Diploma Program, as the foundation of their future career.

Academic Excellence

We will review each applicant’s National Exam Results to ensure that applicants have met our minimum standard for National Exams (dependent on combination type and the year the National Exam was taken).

Requirements for Application 

Completed Online Application

National ID (Or Passport for International Applicants)

Senior 6 Report Card

Successfully pass all Akilah Admissions Assessments

National Exam Results