Diploma Programs 

New! Introducing Akilah's Evening and Weekend Program 

Are you a female working professional interested in going back to school to pursue higher education? Are you searching for a way to upgrade your professional skills while maintaining your day job and responsibilities? The Akilah Institute is now offering an Evening/Weekend program for interested applicants in the Hospitality Management and Information Systems Diplomas. 

Bridge Program Overview

Mandatory for all new students

The Bridge program provides an introduction to the Akilah Institute’s high academic expectations including familiarizing incoming students to the methods of Competency Based Education. During this program students will begin to set academic goals leading to the success of their future education and career. The program is designed to introduce and develop your skills in English, Mathematics and Information Technology. During the Bridge program you will also meet your future Instructors and advisors, as well as the entire staff members of the Institute. Overall, the program will be a time for you to join the Akilah community and begin to contribute to our culture of mutual support and achievement. The program is mandatory for all incoming students.

**The Bridge Day program offering will be offered during 7 weeks:

From July 17th  To September 1st, 2016.  

Monday – Friday: 8.00am to 3.00pm.

Saturdays from from 8.00am to 2.30pm (5 Saturdays only).

**The  Bridge Evening Weekend program will be offered during 9 weeks:

From July 3rd To September 1st, 2016

Monday – Friday: 6.00pm to 10.00pm

Saturdays from 3.00pm to 9.30pm (9 Saturdays only).



Criteria for Acceptance 

At Akilah, we are focused on enrolling students who are passionate and motivated to build exciting careers and become future leaders. The Admissions Process is structured in a way that allows the applicant to express her skills, dreams, inspirations, and ideas. Through the admissions process we assess:

Personal Motivation

Throughout our assessments, we will also examine applicant’s demonstrated personal motivations. We believe that strong personal motivation is the driving force to success.

English Fluency

Through a series of oral and written assessments, applicant’s listening, reading, writing, and grammatical skills are tested.


Passion for studying and discovering a particular Akilah Diploma Program, as the foundation of their future career.

Academic Excellence

We will review each applicant’s National Exam Results to ensure that applicants have met our minimum standard for National Exams (dependent on combination type and the year the National Exam was taken).

Requirements for Application 

Completed Online Application

Successfully pass all Akilah Admissions Assessments

Senior 6 Report Card

National ID (or Passport for International Applicants)

National Exam Results


If you have a problem with the application or need assistance, visit our office in Kibagabaga, 100 meters from the hospital, opposite the Gasabo Court for assistance.