At Akilah, we are focused on enrolling students who are passionate and motivated to build exciting careers and become future leaders.

The admissions process is structured in a way that allows the applicant to express her skills, goals, inspirations, and ideas. The application process consists of the following:

  1. Application Form (Mandatory)

  2. Senior 6 Report Card (Mandatory)

  3. National Exam Results (Mandatory)

  4. Successful completion of English assessment and interview

  5. National ID (or passport for international applicants)


Here's what we're looking for in our students:

  1. English Fluency: Through a series of oral and written assessments, applicant’s listening, reading, writing, and grammatical skills are tested.

  2. Academic Excellence: We will review each applicant’s National Exam Results to ensure that applicants have met our minimum standard for National Exams (dependent on combination type and the year the National Exam was taken).


About our Bridge Program:

The Bridge Program provides students with an introduction to Akilah’s high academic expectations. During this orientation program students will begin to set academic goals leading to the success of their future education and career. The program is designed to introduce and develop students’ skills in English, Mathematics and Information Technology. During the Bridge program students will also meet future Instructors and advisors, as well as the entire staff members of the Institute. The program is mandatory for all incoming students for both the Day and Evening & Weekend programs. After the conclusion of the Bridge Program, Diploma courses begin for the regular academic year.

The Bridge Program schedule and the schedule for regular academic year for the Day Program are as follows:

Day Program Diplomas:

Business Management & Entrepreneurship

Hospitality Management

Information Systems

Evening & Weekend Diplomas:

Hospitality Management

Information Systems

Bridge Program:

Mandatory for all students



Application Requirements for International Candidates 

IMPORTANT: In order for international students to study at Institutions of Higher Learning in Rwanda, they are required by the Rwanda Education Board (REB) to receive a Secondary School Diploma Equivalence. Therefore, international applicants are required to contact the Rwandan Education Board and request their Diploma Equivalence immediately after applying at Akilah. The process for receiving the equivalence could take up to one month or longer and therefore applicants are encouraged to start the process as early as possible. At the time of the admissions interview, international applicants must show proof of this equivalence. Applicants will not be allowed to continue the admissions process until the equivalence has been submitted.

Other criteria include:
Submitted Online Application
Strong English skills
Photocopy of passport
Photocopy of Senior Year Report Card