About Davis College

Davis College educates future leaders to champion opportunity and sustainability in solving the world’s most pressing challenges. We offer an academic experience for students who are unafraid to challenge the status quo and passionately pursue innovative ideas.

About Akilah

Our campus for female leaders, Akilah, opened in Rwanda in 2010. As East Africa’s pre-eminent higher education institution for women, Akilah graduates have launched careers in finance, clean energy, eco-tourism, agribusiness, conservation, technology, and more. The Akilah experience combines the Davis academic model with an intensive focus on women’s leadership.¬†

Our Pillars

The Davis College | Akilah Pillars define our academic model. They are present in every program that we offer.

21st Century Skills

We constantly analyze market trends to inform our interdisciplinary approach and ensure our students gain access to the foremost academic and career opportunities. We celebrate collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity in order to graduate adaptive leaders prepared for industries of the future.

Personalized Learning

We reject the notion of one-size-fits-all approach to education, and celebrate individual styles of learning and leading. We seek to constantly improve our data-driven, adaptive learning model to refine individualized pathways to success for each student. We deliver a customized and thoughtful experience for all students that inspires excellence.


Our methodology and pedagogy are nontraditional and unparalleled, offering students the opportunity to join us in forging a new path in higher education and global leadership. We inspire students to enthusiastically pursue new ideas, challenge the status quo, and develop radical solutions for unmet needs. We champion innovation and bold leadership.

Ethical Leadership

We are a community of thoughtful leaders committed to building the future with respect. We encourage one another to see beyond our own perspectives and carefully examine our own blind spots. We foster values that promote gender equity, civic responsibility, and environmental stewardship, inspiring personal growth and integrity throughout our community.


We deliver a transformative learning experience that equips students with the knowledge, and tools, and frameworks for complex systems analysis and a thorough understanding of the sustainable development necessary to balance vibrant economies with a healthy environment, giving graduates a competitive advantage in their chosen careers.

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Since 2010, Akilah’s diploma programs have equipped hundreds of women with the academic, professional, and leadership skills necessary to launch and advance their careers.

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